010 Slow House Extreme View Resort

Designs & Finished Work

For example, in the 601 series rooms, the bathtub area is set up in conjunction with the entrance garden, and the indoor space is treated as an outdoor effect. Room type 606 series: Outside the guest rooms on the fifth floor near the infinity pool, the architects deliberately set up a transition space outside the guest rooms in order to ensure the privacy of the rooms, with a wooden grille forming a "frame". This longitudinal frame also forms a "landscape painting" of the pool, the Erhai Sea and the Cang Mountain.

01 建筑外观(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
0-模型照片2 ©IDO元象建筑
1-小钢屋剖透视 ©IDO元象建筑
03 下院屋顶花园(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
08 客房706 -1(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
08 客房706-3(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
08 客房706-4 露台细部(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
09 客房601或701 窗与框景(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
12 小钢屋外观(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
13 小钢屋公共客厅(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
13 小钢屋公共楼梯(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
15 小钢屋客房(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
15 小钢屋客房卫生间(存在建筑—建筑摄影)
08 客房706-5 浴缸与洱海(梁小龙)